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Hello, my name is Christian Walk and I am the founder of Walk & Partner here on the island. I originally come from the Allgäu region. That's where the idea for MHM walls came from a few years ago.


The father of a close friend of mine developed the MHM (solid wood wall) together with the Hundegger company. When I saw it for the first time, it was clear to me that if I ever built something, it would be exactly like that.


I was deeply fascinated by this extraordinary living environment. It was not just a house, but a place that combined nature and life.

Years later, I did the same with my wife. We lived very contentedly and happily in our house for 10 years until we decided to move to Mallorca.


MHM stands for an innovative way of building that combines flexibility, sustainability and aesthetics.


Our mission with wood construction in general is to create sustainable and flexible solutions for modern living spaces. We believe that a home can be more than just four walls - it can be a place of special comfort and well-being.


Thank you for your interest in us. We would be delighted to work with you and make your individual living dreams come true.

Best regards

Christian Walk


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Hello, my name is Markus Dirheimer, I was born in Munich and am co-founder of the company Walk & Partner.


I have been living on Mallorca for over 15 years and have specialized in finding properties and developing them.

Christian and I met 3 years ago when I sold him a piece of land. We never lost contact and last year he convinced me of the idea of bringing MHM (solid wood walls) to Mallorca. After a few years in the local construction industry, the advantages were immediately clear to me. Sustainable, ecological and energy-efficient construction is very much in vogue and the short construction time is an additional plus.

Together with our great network of architects, contractors, suppliers and lawyers, we want to offer you the best possible service from now on to make your dream of sustainable, healthy living in Mallorca come true.

I look forward to hearing from you and many interesting projects.

Best regards

Markus Dirheimer

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