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Your benefits


Healthy indoor climate

It has been proven that the heart rate drops in a wooden house, thus leading to better recovery. It is also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. With the MHM construction method, for example, no glue is required, resulting in a 100% ecological and chemical-free wall structure.


Short construction time

With good planning and coordination, a very short construction period is possible. This saves time, money and stress!


Freely plannable

The wooden house is also becoming increasingly popular with architects. They can plan just as freely, but always have a clean construction site and very short implementation times.


Energy efficient

Wooden houses are well insulated and require less heating energy. The self-regulating insulation properties contribute to lower heating costs


Moisture regulating

A wooden house is particularly suitable here on the island, where the climate is partly tropical and humid. Contrary to all expectations, a wooden construction scores points for its diffusion openness, which allows moisture to circulate



The houses are 100% recyclable. Incidentally, the demand for a solid wood house grows in Germany's forests in about 1 minute.


Fire resistance

Solid wood houses meet the highest fire protection requirements

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