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Wooden houses naturally offer many advantages:

  1. Healthy living environment: Wood regulates humidity and ensures a pleasant indoor climate. It is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

  2. Energy efficiency: Wooden houses are well insulated and require less heating energy. The self-regulating insulation properties contribute to lower heating costs.

  3. Ecologically sensible: Wood is a renewable raw material and has a better ecological balance than other building materials.

  4. Can be designed individually: Whether traditional or modern – a wide variety of building styles are possible with wood. Architect-designed houses made of wood allow for creative and unique designs.

  5. Resistant to fire: Wood is surprisingly resistant to fire. It chars slowly and retains its load-bearing capacity longer than other materials.

  6. No problems with pests: Unlike typical log houses, wooden houses are less susceptible to pest infestation.

  7. Recyclable: Wood can be reused or recycled, contributing to sustainable construction.

  8. Freely designable from the outside: The facade of a wooden house can be individually designed, be it with wood paneling, plaster or other materials.

Solid wood houses also have their advantages:

  1. Robust and insensitive: solid wood is durable and requires less maintenance.

  2. Good indoor climate: Solid wood houses also ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

  3. Extensions are easier to implement: Extensions are easier to implement.

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